Month: September 2020

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Cycling in Hot Summer

Summer is the time when the most popular bicycle races in both Vietnam and the world, you have to practice preparing for those races or you just want to cycle to improve your health. ? So how to train in hot weather like this? Let Giant International explore five great ways to have effective training sessions! 1. Drink plenty of water and electrolytes while cycling You should bring water with you every time you cycle, even if you ride for a few dozen minutes. Avoid drinking too much cold water at a time, as it easily causes cramps that keep you from cycling. Instead,

Guide to buying the most standard racing bicycle

For enthusiasts and lovers of bicycles, perhaps racing bicycle is an indispensable bike, talking about racing bicycles is talking about speed and style of cyclists. But choosing a good racing bike is not easy and simple. Here, Ce pedaling the world would like to give some advice for professional racing enthusiasts to have a more accurate view of it. Road racing bicycles often have small tires to make them lighter and faster than other bicycles. In the past few years racing bicycles have grown rapidly with stylish designs with many advanced technologies integrated in them and notably the price of racing bicycles is also very affordable. First