The balance bike is no longer a strange concept for all people in the world. The balance bike is one of the most important equipment for the children which are very beneficial for the developmental process. Due to its importance, the manufacturers have given the birth of countless types of the balance bikes. If you log into the official websites of the manufacturers, you may notice the metal and wooden balance bikes. Today, we will provide you the detailed information about them.

wooden balance bikes

1.    The wooden balance bike

Firstly, we should look at the wooden balance bike. We just need to hear the name of this type of the balance bike; we may know  exactly what it is made from. Indeed, the almost all parts of the wooden bike are made from the birch wood. The manufacturers have a tendency to make a choice of the birch wood because this material is reusable and renewable.

In addition, using the birch wood is certified by the authorized agencies which are called as the Forest Stewardship Council. The certification illustrates that the birch wood which is used by the manufacturers is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, this certification also is an attractive feature that can appeal a huge number of the consumers annually.

Besides, there are many different layers which are responsible for protecting the wood from some hard elements such as the rock, the rain or the mud. The lacquer veneer layer is the most effective way to prevent the wood from warping or rot. Additionally, there remain the weather and water proof to protect the balance bike from the bad weather condition.

Also, the weight of the balance bike is much heavier than the metal balance bike. Furthermore, this balance bike is less adjustable than that of the metal bike. It just consists of several height ranges. In terms of the price, the wood balance bike is not cheaper than its counterparts.

2.    Metal balance bike

Secondly, we should take a look at the metal balance bike. This type has gained the popularity to become the most favorite one on the market. The metal balance bike is usually made from either the aluminum frames or the steel. These materials of the metal bike are different from the wooden version because it can be used for a very long time without any mistake.

Furthermore, the metal bike is more adaptable and durable, so it is easy for your kids to change the height of the metal balance bike to fit them. The weight of this means of transportation is much lighter than the wooden balance bike which can provide the rider the highest level of the comfort. And, your children can find it easy to ride the metal balance bike. All that they have to do is to take a few minutes to practice.

metal balance bike

Apart from the materials, the operation of the metal balance bike is awesome.

This balance bike applies the top notch technology which can create the flexibility to absorb the shock. Besides, it also is more innovative and advantageous.

In terms of the price, the metal bike is not the same as the wooden balance bike because it can fluctuate. There are many metal balance bikes with the expensive price, but other can have a reasonable price that all people can purchase immediately.

In short, both the wooden and metal balance bikes are the great choices for the buyers. You should depend on your preference to decide which type of the balance bike can fit your kids. You should take everything into the consideration to make for sure that there is no danger for your children if he or she rides it.

Nowadays, almost all people want to make a payment for the balance bike because they think that it is worthy enough for them to invest. For a very long time, the balance bike has become the most favorite of all parents. They believe that this type of the bike can keep their children safe and eliminate the danger during the riding process. Today, we will provide you the reasons why the balance bike is the best choice for all people.

metal balance bike

Why should you make a choice of the balance bikes?

1.    The safety

The first thing that we need to talk about is the safety. It is frank to say that the balance bikes are much safer than the other kinds which are more practical. Some people usually wonder why they need to choose the balance bikes instead of the training wheels or the tricycles. The answer to this question is the speed of the bicycle.

According to people who have already used, the tricycle is too slow and it cannot attract people anymore. They usually feel boring while riding. In addition, if the children take the use of the tricycle bikes, they usually focus on pedaling. However, with the balance bike, it is different because the children no longer pay more attention to pedal. They just learn how to keep their stability. Consequently, they can have a good preparation for the unpredicted loss in stability.

Whenever your children are good at balancing, then they do not need to take the time for the training wheels. They can start riding the standard bike. Parents usually worry about the injuries that their children can suffer when they ride the bike; however, the balance bike can out an end to their worry because the balance bike can provide them the necessary skills to keep them away from the injuries.

2.    Financial factor

Apart from the safety, the balance bike has gained the popularity in all over the world because of the financial factors. Parents usually take the balance bikes into the consideration before purchasing because they think that it can waste a great deal of money; however, the truth is opposite.

In fact, the price of the balance bike is reasonable that all people can have enough money to purchase it immediately. Furthermore, the balance bikes have a wide range of the different sizes which are suitable for the children at each age, so parents can think about it carefully. The price of the balance bike is equivalent to the size of the bike. It means that the smaller balance bikes are, the cheaper they have to spend.

the balance bike

The price of the balance bike should be considered carefully while choosing

3.    The environment

All children are usually afraid of being away from their parents, so they do not want to learn new thing if there is no help of their parents. The balance bikes can make the children feel more confident to work out without their parents. They can ride the balance bike with their friends and their parents do not to care about the injuries.

Generally speaking, the balance bike also is the best way to create the wonderful environment for your kids to be friendlier when they grow up. They can be familiar with other kids around them to build strong relationships.

Besides, riding the bike is a good choice for the children to be healthier. If you always keep them at home, your children can be weak and it is easy for them to suffer the disease. Or in other words, it can enhance the immune system of the children.

Here are all reasons why you should opt for the balance bikes instead of other types of the bicycle. Before buying the balance bike, you should be aware of the features as well as the safety to make for sure that your children can play around without the danger from the bike.

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most important steps of all kids. They have to learn how to ride a bicycle before learning to use other vehicles. Furthermore, some parents consider riding the bike as an entertainment activity which can help children grow in a healthy way. Today, we will provide you a detailed instruction about how to teach your children to ride the balance bikes.

the balance bikes

It is undeniable that the balance bikes have a very important role during the growth process of all children. To help your kids master this skill, there is a wide range of the factors that you need to take into the consideration. Firstly, you should make for sure that your children are big enough to control the balance bikes. You cannot let a baby who is just10 months to ride the balance bike. It will become a hilarious story for other people.

The most suitable time for children to take the use of the balance bikes is when they are 18 months. In this period, children can be aware of their behavior and you can protect them from the injuries. Additionally, you should let them learn this skill in a natural way.

You cannot ask them to take the advantage of the balance bike when they do not like. All that you have to do is to stimulate their interest in riding the bike naturally. Riding the bike is similar to play the game, so almost all kids have a deep passion on the balance bike.

Besides, first and foremost, you should teach them how to keep the stability when riding. This step is very important because it can lay a concrete foundation for the children to develop their riding skill in the near future. Moreover, you also need to teach them to recognize the obstructions and avoid touching it. If they cannot learn these things, they can be fallen out of the balance bike easily. Generally speaking, the first thing that the children have to learn is not how to pedal, but how to keep them balanced.

 the stability when riding

Additionally, you should take the advantage of this golden chance to teach your children about some traffic regulations to make for sure that when they grow up, they can have a deeper understanding of the traffic law when they travel by any means of transportation. They can understand that they have to follow the rule to ensure their safety as well as to keep them away from the unexpected accidents.

Apart from the age, and the interest, you also need to pay more attention to the type of the balance bike that you will invest on. In this day and time, there is a huge number of the different types of the balance bikes which are made from the different materials. However, there remain many manufacturers which have a tendency to produce the balance bikes with the lower quality with the purpose of increasing their interest. These balance bikes can put your children in danger; therefore, you should inspect all parts of the balance bikes before paying money for it.

In short, teaching children to use the balance bike is just a piece of cake and all parents can have enough ability to do it, but while teaching, there is a few thing that you need to be aware of to avoid some unexpected situations as well as to protect the safety of your kids. If possible, you can let your child contact with the balance bike as soon as possible to help them be familiar with this vehicle.


For children who are 2 years old, they usually have a tendency to be interested in learning the world and environment around them; therefore, it is not a strange thing when you see your kid are trying to do something with all her force. To keep your child away from the harmful things, you can start their childhood with a balance bike. This equipment can help them discover the nature and enhance their health at the same time. To make a choice of the best balance bikes, there are a few factors that you should take into the consideration.

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The balance bikes are one of the most effective equipment to help children learn how to keep their balance. After learning this, children can master in cycling the 2 wheeled vehicles and make a great contribution to help children to be aware of the actions as well as the consequences because of their behaviors. In addition, it also can help children feel more confident and believe in their ability. Or in other words, this is one of the most important skills that is good for developing their confidence.

According to the doctors, doing the gentle exercises more frequently is very important for the children. The heart rates of the children should increase to 140 bpm one time in every single day to improve their psychological and physical health. Riding the balance bike is one of hilarious activities that can help them reach the highest level of the comfort. Every day, a parent can take their children to walk around and teach them how to ride the balance bike. This activity is very beneficial for the children in a various way.

riding a bike How to keep balance while riding a bike

Besides, this also is an effective way to do exercise to enhance the immune system of the children. Through this simple activity, children can have a positive attitude towards doing daily exercise when they grow up. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to develop their motor skills and have a balanced lifestyle. The children can achieve the success and feel more confident to take part in the new activities.

Although the stability skill plays an integral part in the lifetime of the children, a parent cannot be adventurous to let their children ride the balance bike when they are too small. You should wait for your kids until he or she is 18 months to start teaching them about the balance bike. Besides, you also need to have a good preparation for your kids to make for sure that they are completely safety when riding the balance bike. When teaching them how to ride the balance bike , you should not ignore the traffic regulations to ensure that after growing up; they can follow the traffic law to ensure the safety of themselves as well as other people who move around their vehicles. Besides, you also teach them to avoid the obstruction that they may catch when they handle the balance bike.

balance skill

To develop the balance skill of the children, you should make a payment for a balance bike and guide them to practice every day.

When buying the balance bike, you should remember to check it carefully. Nowadays, the balance bike is very popular and there is an array of the manufacturers which take the responsibility of producing the balance bikes. However, some of them have a tendency to produce the balance bike with the lower quality that can put your children in danger; therefore, you should make a choice of the high-quality product.

The price of the balance bike is fluctuated, depending on the types of the balance bike that you choose. Normally, the quality and the longevity of the balance bike are equivalent to how much money you invest on the balance bike.

With this sharing, we hope that we can explain clearly the question on how to teach the children to keep balance. Wish that you can make a choice of the proper balance bike which is not only convenient, but also safe. While your children are riding the bike, you should observe them avoid some unexpected situations. Hopefully, in the near future, you can opt for the best balance bike for the reasonable price and it can meet all your needs.